Zhuhai Overseas Friendship Association Delegation visits Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association
March 28, 2024
Zhuhai Overseas Friendship Association Delegation visits Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association
Zhuhai Overseas Friendship Association Delegation visits Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association
(Jakarta News) Guo Caiwu, President of Zhuhai Overseas Friendship Association, Liu Hong, Director of Zhuhai Development and Reform Bureau, Pan Weiming, Director of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Dong Fan, Chairman of Zhuhai Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) and Zhu Ziqin, Executive Vice Chairman, Zhuhai City A delegation of 22 entrepreneurs including Zhang Lili, Vice Chairman of the Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, visited Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association at 5 pm on March 26, 2024 (Tuesday). They were greeted by Vice Chairman Lian Jiehao, Chen Xin, Jiang Miaocheng, Secretary General Zhou Weiliang, Welcomed by Supervisory Committee members Chen Bonian and Wang Zhenkun, permanent honorary chairman Situ Tianmin and other directors.
Vice President Lian Jiehao pointed out that Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association was established in 2001 and is a national, non-profit Chinese business association established in accordance with Indonesian laws and regulations. Since its establishment, the General Chamber of Commerce has taken "uniting Chinese business enterprises and promoting Indonesia's economic construction" as its founding purpose. It has actively leveraged the advantages of the chamber's platform, extensively participated in Indonesia's economic and social construction, and promoted exchanges and cooperation between Indonesian Chinese businessmen and Chinese businessmen from other countries around the world. In the Indonesian business community, Among Chinese community organizations, it enjoys a good social reputation and wide influence.
Excellent demographic dividend, huge market potential, unique resource advantages, and the government's positive and stable policy environment have become the cornerstone of Indonesia's steady economic growth. In the past ten years, we can see many changes in Indonesia. The government's medium and long-term construction plans, the extensive development of infrastructure construction, and the people's living standards have been significantly improved. With the official conclusion of the presidential election in February this year, the current Defense Minister Prabowo will officially succeed President Jokowi as the new president of Indonesia in October this year. The new president stated that he will continue President Jokowi’s governing philosophy and industrial policies. We will make every effort to develop the economy and will introduce more policies to attract domestic and foreign investment to drive Indonesia's economic growth.
Lian Jiehao said, "Zhuhai, as an important node city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, has the resource advantage of the "bridgehead" of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. Its economic development in recent years has been very rapid and eye-catching. Today, Zhuhai's industry and commerce We are very happy that President Guo Caiwu of the Federation personally led a delegation to visit us, and we also look forward to more Zhuhai entrepreneurs coming to Indonesia to have a look around and look for cooperation opportunities. Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association will, as always, give full play to its platform advantages and serve everyone. Indonesia inspects and invests, and provides necessary consultation and services. Finally, I wish everyone a successful trip to Indonesia and a fruitful harvest."
Chairman Guo Caiwu pointed out that those visiting this time were some outstanding enterprise representatives from Zhuhai City. Our visit to Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association is mainly to publicize and promote the economic and social development of Zhuhai City, further promote the exchange and cooperation space between China and Indonesian business associations, integrate docking resources, expand the international market, and promote both parties to compete at a higher level and Achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
President Guo Caiwu said that after just listening to the introduction by Vice President Lien Jiehao, we have a better understanding of the role played by the Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association in promoting economic and trade exchanges between Indonesia and China. Through this exchange, we briefly introduce the latest development of Zhuhai in various fields, and sincerely welcome entrepreneurs from Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association to take the time to visit Zhuhai, visit, and invest in business. We are willing to provide everyone with support and business within our capabilities. help.
After the exchange between representatives of both parties, Zhou Weiliang, Secretary-General of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, and Wu Suping, Vice Chairman of the Zhuhai Federation of Industry and Commerce, signed a memorandum of cooperation on establishing friendly chambers of commerce. It is believed that through this cooperation, the two parties will have closer exchanges and cooperation in the future.
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