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Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association (ICEA) is a non-profit, Chinese business association registered and established in accordance with Indonesian laws and regulations. It has garnered a good social reputation and extensive social influence among Indonesian business associations and various Chinese associations domestically and abroad. ICEA was in 2001 under the initiative of founders  Halim Yusuf, Sukanta Tanudjaja and others
ICEA is headquartered in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and has four branches in East Java, West Java, Central Java, Bali/East & West Nusa Tenggara. The member companies of ICEA involve in various businesses ranging from manufacturing & Industry, mining, forestry, construction, banking, insurance, real estate, textile, food, import and export trade, retail, information and communication technology, logistics supply chain and professionals such as lawyers, accountants and others.
Since its establishment, ICEA has always adhered to the purpose of "Uniting Chinese Businessmen and Promoting Indonesia's Economic Development". Upholding the open attitude of "seeking common ground while reserving differences" and recruiting talents from all walks of life in Indonesia to deliver its vision and mission. ICEA’s platform plus the strengths, commitment and professionalism of its members have contributed to the economic and social development of Indonesia through promoting  cooperation between Chinese Indonesian enterpreneurs/enterprises  and Chinese business associations and companies around the world.
In 2015, ICEA successfully held the 13th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference (WCEC) in Bali which was honored to be inaugurated by Her Excellency Madam Megawati Soekarnoputri - The Fifth President of Indonesia. It was also attended by Chairman of The People's Consultative Assembly- Dr. (H.C.) H. Zulkifli Hasan, S.E., M.M., Special Envoy of President Joko Widodo & and Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs – Mr. General TNI Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan M.P.A.,  Minister of Trade Indonesian– Mr. Thomas Trikasih Lembong and  Minister of Transportation Indonesian – Mr. Ignasius Jonan, who participated in the various forums of the conference as keynote speakers.WCEC was attended by more than 3.000 Chinese businessmen from all over the world with conference theme subject “Uniting Chinese Entrepreneurs, Accomplishing Mutual Success in Indonesia”.  WCEC was supported by important keynote speakers from different countries, various business forum and trade exhibition displaying Indonesian local products and manufactured goods.
In 2017, ICEA established Youth department to attract the younger generation of entrepreneur to become members. Youth ICEA regularly organizes seminars, thematic learning and forums with prominent speakers/professionals that interprets government newly enacted policies through information exchanges and discussions.
In 2020, under the initiative of Chairman Kiki Barki, ICEA purchased a permanent office located on the 57th floor of the Sahid Sudirman Center Building in the center of Jakarta and was officially opened in January 2022 as the Headquarter of ICEA to better serve ICEA members and its guests.
ICEA has become an important platform for economic & trade exchanges and business cooperation between Chinese Indonesia businessmen and Chinese businessmen and Association from all over the world.
Founder, Ex-Chairman & Current Chairman of ICEA:
  • Founder: Mr. Halim Jusuf (initiative in 2001)
  • The first Chairman: Mr. Sukanta Tanudjaja ( 2 periods Chairmanship from 2001-2008)
  • The second Chairman: Mr. Kiki Barki  (3 periods Chairmanship from 2008-2022)
  • The third Chairman: Mr. Abdul Alek Soelystio  (2022 to present)
Secretariat Office of ICEA 
Sahid Sudirman Center 57th Floor unit B-C,
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 86, Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Tel : (62-21) 50868200
Sahid Sudirman Center 57th Floor Unit B-C
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 86, Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia
Phone Number : +62 21 50868200
Email Address : perpitadm@yahoo.com
Email Address : perpitadm@yahoo.com
Website : www.perpit.or.id
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