Xu Ningning Led a Representative of The Nantong Construction Industry Association to Visit Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association to Find Business Opportunities
Xu Ningning Led a Representative of The Nantong Construction Industry Association to Visit Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association to Find Business Opportunities
Fri, 12 July 2019 09:33
(Jakarta) A delegation of 19 members of the China Nantong Construction Industry Association led by Xu Ningning, Executive Director of the China-ASEAN Business Council, including Honorary President of China Nantong Construction Industry Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Nantong Huaxin Group Mr. Ji Jinfa, President of China Construction Industry Association of Nantong, Vice President and Secretary General Gao Ming, Tong Yong, Chairman of China Hai'an Construction Industry Association, and other entrepreneurs visited Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association on July 2nd (Tuesday) at 4:30 pm Received warm welcome from Executive Vice President and Executive Chairman Zhang Jinxiong, Counseling Chairman Wu Guangtao, Secretary General Zhou Weiliang, Yang Xinyi, Weng Hualing, Lin Songshi, Shangxuan, Chen Yongzhi, Yang Zhenqing and Other Directors of The Indonesian Sin Chew Daily, Chief Operating Officer Qiu Yifeng. .
Zhang Jinxiong pointed out that the Indonesian government has continued to optimize investment services, simplify procedures, and provide online registration and other convenient measures in order to better serve foreign investment in Indonesia. We are also very happy to see that along with the “One Belt, One Road” initiative of the Chinese government, a large number of Chinese companies and Chinese capital have gone abroad to participate in economic construction activities along the countries and regions along the route. Today, China (including Hong Kong) has invested US$4.38 billion in Indonesia in 2018, ranking the third largest source of foreign investment in Indonesia.
He said that a large number of powerful Chinese companies have come to Indonesia to invest in factories and expand markets. We are very happy. Today, Chairman Xu Ningning brought in so many entrepreneurs and friends in the construction industry in Nantong. I hope that everyone's trip to Indonesia will be rich! Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association and the ASEAN Business Council have been old friends for many years. In the future, we will, as always, serve entrepreneurs and friends from both countries to provide all necessary assistance for everyone to come to Indonesia for investment. I hope that entrepreneurs and friends will find suitable business opportunities in Indonesia and find Chinese and Italian partners.
Xu Ningning pointed out that over the years, Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association has played an active role in promoting China-Indonesia friendly relations and as an important partner for Chinese companies to visit and invest in Indonesia. He hopes to continue to make cooperation between China and Indonesia in the economic and trade field in the future. Greater effort.
Tao Changyin first briefly introduced the advantages of Nantong City's economy, infrastructure, resource development and sewage treatment. This time, the delegation came to Jakarta, Indonesia to visit Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, to understand, investigate and find suitable partners. Nantong City Construction Association has the financial advantage and hopes to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with the entrepreneurs of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association in the future.
27 Dec 2019
27 Dec 2019
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