The 3rd China (Indonesia) Trade Expo Opened With 725 Companies From More Than 20 Cities in 6 Provinces Participating in The Exhibition
March 20, 2023
The 3rd China (Indonesia) Trade Expo Opened With 725 Companies From More Than 20 Cities in 6 Provinces Participating in The Exhibition
The 3rd China (Indonesia) Trade Expo Opened With 725 Companies From More Than 20 Cities in 6 Provinces Participating in The Exhibition
(Jakarta News) On the first anniversary of the entry into force of the RCEP agreement, with the full liberalization of epidemic control at home and abroad, overseas exhibitions have become the first choice for Chinese foreign trade companies to go overseas to grab orders, and Indonesia has become the first choice for many exhibitors. From March 16 to 18, 2023, the 3rd China (Indonesia) Trade Fair was grandly held at the Mayaoran International Convention and Exhibition Center in Jakarta. Indonesia ushered in the largest Chinese exhibitor group since the epidemic.
The 1st and 2nd China (Indonesia) Trade Fair in 2022 came into effect due to the RCEP agreement, and the voices of Chinese foreign trade enterprises to expand their markets in Southeast Asia came into being. In order to overcome the impact of not being able to attend due to the epidemic, the exhibition was held in a two-line integration mode of "exhibits going overseas, exhibitors going online, buyers arriving, and negotiating in real time". With 7,200 buyers, 10,630 precise negotiations were carried out on the spot, and the coverage rate reached 100%.
The 3rd China (Indonesia) Trade Fair is sponsored by Hangzhou Municipal People's Government, co-sponsored by Jinhua Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Yongkang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Jilin Supported by the Provincial Department of Commerce, it is organized by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Miolante International Convention and Exhibition. Overseas co-organizers include: Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, Indonesian Retail Association, and overseas supporters include Indonesian Interior Design Association, Indonesian Building Materials Association, etc. The exhibitors of this exhibition come from more than 20 cities in 6 provinces including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, and Jilin. There are 725 exhibitors with a total of 1,000 booths and a display area of 20,000 square meters.
This year's exhibition fully resumed the way of physical participation and strengthened face-to-face communication. A total of 850 exhibitor representatives came to the exhibition site, becoming the largest group of Chinese exhibitors going overseas to expand their markets since the epidemic. In order to ensure that the exhibitors arrive in Jakarta conveniently and quickly, the organizer of the exhibition, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Miolante International Convention and Exhibition, jointly with Zhejiang Loong Airlines, chartered 4 planes, which were sent to the exhibitors from Hangzhou to Jakarta on March 14 and 15 respectively. On the 18th and 19th, the exhibitors will be picked up from Jakarta and returned to Hangzhou by direct flight. A total of 8 direct flights will ensure that exhibitors will have a smooth and worry-free schedule.
The major innovation of the service mode of this exhibition is also reflected in the organization and implementation of the exhibition in accordance with the internationally accepted professional exhibition method. The layout of 8 major professional exhibitions, such as home gift exhibition and industrial machinery exhibition, exhibitors and exhibit categories, as well as buyer invitation and attendance, are all matched according to industry categories to ensure the effect of professional exhibition and communication, and improve the efficiency of exhibition transactions.
In addition, the exhibition continues the effective results of the digital exhibition stage, superimposing the O2O service mode of online exhibitions and physical exhibitions, and "instantly relocating" the domestic sample rooms and production lines of exhibitors to the exhibition site through the combination of AR/VR and the Internet , to achieve the effects of physical exhibition space expansion, line of sight extension, and remote factory inspection, enhance the effect and experience of professional buyers visiting the exhibition, and empower and improve the efficiency of order generation acceleration.
In order to ensure the effect of "grabbing orders", the organizers of the exhibition carried out publicity and promotion and buyer invitations in Indonesia and neighboring countries three months in advance, and arranged offline visits of big buyers one month in advance. Up to now, a total of 60,000 buyers from Indonesia and neighboring countries have completed the pre-registration for the exhibition. The total target pre-registration has reached 100,000, and the number of actual buyers will exceed 20,000. The expected purchase amount will exceed US$2 billion.
The provinces and cities of this exhibition, such as the Department of Commerce of Jilin Province, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, will also send on-site working groups composed of competent commercial departments, trade promotion agencies, and news media to provide exhibitors with various services at the exhibition site. Hold investment promotion meetings, symposiums, and matchmaking meetings to expand influence, expand markets and promote attraction.
In addition, in order to further strengthen the economic and trade cooperation between Jilin Province, Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association (Perpit) and the Indonesia-China Economic, Social and Cultural Cooperation Association (LIT), through the opening session of the third China (Indonesia) Trade Expo, Jilin Li Futai, Director of the Provincial Commercial Foreign Affairs Center, Zhou Weiliang, Secretary General, on behalf of PERPIT, and Xu Jinxiang, Vice President, signed a cooperation memorandum on behalf of LIT.
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