The 133rd Canton Fair Jakarta Promotion Conference was Successfully Held
March 13, 2023
The 133rd Canton Fair Jakarta Promotion Conference was Successfully Held
The 133rd Canton Fair Jakarta Promotion Conference was Successfully Held
(Jakarta News) The 133rd Canton Fair Jakarta Promotion Conference with the theme of "Regathering Wonderful Canton Fair and Sharing Global Business Opportunities" was held at Timor Hall of Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta at 10 am on March 10 (Friday). The promotion conference was organized by Hosted by the China Foreign Trade Center, co-organized by Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association and the India-China Business Council, the 133rd Canton Fair was held through the full resumption of offline exhibitions.
Zhang Sihong, Deputy Director of the China Foreign Trade Center, Wu Zhiwei, Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, Ma Longluo, Director of the National Export Development Directorate of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Zhang Jinxiong, Chairman of the Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, Wu Mingli, Chairman of the India-China Business Council, Changyou Huang Yijun, chairman of the group, and representatives of 100 Indonesian companies attended the event.
Zhang Jinxiong, Chairman of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, said that he is very happy to co-organize our 133rd Canton Fair Jakarta promotion event with the China Foreign Trade Center. First of all, please allow me to extend my sincere greetings and welcome to all the guests on behalf of the Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association.
Canton Fair, since its establishment, has a history of more than half a century. It is held grandly in spring and autumn every year. It has become one of the famous exhibitions in China and even in the world. Many of our Indonesian companies will also go to participate. Through the platform of the Canton Fair, we will discover new products and find partners. At the same time, we will also showcase our Indonesian companies and Indonesian good products to Chinese purchasing managers by participating in the Canton Fair.
This year is the first year for the resumption of international business and travel exchanges after the epidemic. I believe that many of our companies have already registered and signed up to participate in the 133rd Canton Fair. We are also very much looking forward to the fact that we and the vast number of Chinese enterprises and suppliers can gather in Guangzhou to seek business opportunities and develop together!
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association will also actively promote and publicize, and provide good communication and coordination services for everyone to participate in the conference and exchange. Here today, I also extend a sincere invitation to our members, let us go out, go to Guangzhou to participate in the exhibition, and introduce our Indonesian brands, our good companies and products in Indonesia to Chinese partners and Chinese consumers.
Finally, I wish the 133rd Canton Fair a complete success this year, and I wish all entrepreneurs and friends, through the Canton Fair, a fruitful harvest and a prosperous career.
Counselor Wu Zhiwei of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia pointed out that the 133rd Canton Fair will fully resume offline exhibitions and be held in three phases, with an exhibition scale of 1.5 million square meters. I hope that more Indonesian enterprises can seize the opportunity in this grand trade event, find products suitable for themselves, and at the same time show Indonesian characteristic products to Chinese and even global buyers, share China's development dividends, and achieve win-win cooperation. Finally, I wish this promotion meeting a complete success, and wish all enterprises to explore new business opportunities at the Canton Fair.
Ma Longluo, director of the National Export Development Directorate of the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, said that the bilateral relations between India and China are getting better and better, and the high-level mutual visits between the two sides are getting closer. China is Indonesia's largest trading partner, and the Canton Fair plays an important role as a bridge in the trade between the two countries. I look forward to closer cooperation between the two countries in economics and trade in the future, and wish the 133rd Canton Fair a complete success.
Zhang Sihong, deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said in his keynote speech that Jakarta is an important window for Indonesia to strengthen its external connectivity and deepen its diversified trade exchanges. The Canton Fair will provide exhibitors of Indonesian buyers with a good platform to explore the Chinese market and expand international development. The successful holding of this promotion meeting will improve the understanding of Indonesian enterprises on the Chinese market, encourage local enterprises to use the platform of the Canton Fair to explore business opportunities, and further promote exchanges between enterprises of the two countries to achieve mutually beneficial development.
The Canton Fair is an important window for China's opening up to the outside world and an important platform for foreign trade. It has played an important role in promoting Sino-foreign economic and trade cooperation and exchanges, and is known as "China's No. 1 Exhibition". The Canton Fair not only belongs to China, but also belongs to the world. For 67 years, the Canton Fair has opened its doors to serve global trade cooperation and share China's development achievements with the world. At the same time, it has helped products from various countries enter the Chinese market and shared China's development opportunities with the world.
The 133rd Canton Fair is a comprehensive restart after three years of the epidemic, and it is the start of the new journey of the Canton Fair in the new era. This year's Canton Fair will open the fourth phase of the new exhibition hall for the first time, and the exhibition area will be expanded from 1.18 million square meters in the past to 1.5 million square meters, and the scale will hit a new high. More than 30,000 companies participated in the exhibition, presenting a feast made in China to global buyers. The full resumption of offline exhibitions of the Canton Fair demonstrates China's unswerving determination to expand its opening up to the outside world.
China is both a "world factory" and a "global market". In order to expand imports, the Canton Fair has set up an import exhibition area since the 101st session. Over the past 16 years, it has provided convenience for overseas companies to share global business opportunities. For the first time this year, import exhibition areas were set up in the three phases. This year's Canton Fair will provide a variety of exhibition activities and trade services, hold high-level international trade forums, hold sub-forums focusing on trade hot topics, and organize nearly 400 trade promotion activities to promote the integrated development of the exhibition.
Finally, through this promotion meeting, Deputy Director Zhang Sihong sincerely invited Indonesian enterprises to take the time to export to the 133rd Canton Fair, bringing more Indonesian characteristics and high-quality products to the exhibition site, so that more Chinese and even businessmen from all over the world can better understand Indonesian products and promote them. To sell all over the world.
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