Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Thanks The Frontline Staff for Donating More Than 3,000 Anti-Epidemic Materials
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Thanks The Frontline Staff for Donating More Than 3,000 Anti-Epidemic Materials
Mon, 15 June 2020 09:35
(Jakarta) Since the beginning of March this year, people in our country have been infected with coronavirus. The number of confirmed patients in other regions, including Jakarta, has been increasing. The medical systems in various regions are facing a shortage of medical supplies and equipment. Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association has been actively donating medical materials such as masks and protective clothing to local hospitals for several days as anti-epidemic equipment.
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association General Secretary Zhou Weiliang, Youth Department Representatives James Tarorah and Yao Hanbin, Secretary Hou Meijiao and staff Vera, came to the RS Husada on May 12 (Tuesday) in Mangga Besar Street, West District, Jakarta Box, 35 pieces of 245 pieces of protective clothing per box, and 2 large boxes of hospital masks, each box of 1500 total of 3000 medical masks, these anti-epidemic substances were collected by Andres Hadinata of this hospital.
On behalf of the nursing home, Dr. Andres expressed his high gratitude to the personal protective equipment donated by Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association. These materials will help the frontline medical staff to prevent infections, so as to better care for the patients. Hope that Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association will continue to donate More anti-epidemic substances are given to hospitals in need.
Zhou Weiliang said, "We are deeply grateful for the dedication of many frontline medical staff who take health and safety risks every day to protect our community. All of us are in this crisis together and Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association is honored to be the frontline The safety of the staff has made such a small contribution. I call on everyone to stay at home, try to wear masks to go out and avoid the gathering of people, and cooperate with the government to do the epidemic prevention and control work, we will finally be able to overcome the epidemic and go through the normal again life."
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