Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Receives Representatives from Xiamen
December 10, 2019
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Receives Representatives from Xiamen
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Receives Representatives from Xiamen
Executive Vice President and Chairman of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Zhang Jinxiong, Vice President Xue Tianzeng, Secretary General Zhou Weiliang, Weng Hualing, Wang Lisong, Ji Guozhang, Wang Qiang, Chen Xin, He Yiyong, Lin Songshi, Chen Yongzhi, Yang Zhenqing, Guan Minquan, etc., December 7 A five-member delegation led by Deputy Director Liu Shaoqing of the Standing Committee of Xiamen People ’s Congress, including Lin Jinsheng, director of the Standing Committee of Xiang'an District People ’s Congress, and Ke Biru, Ke Biru, leader of the China Merchants Office ’s comprehensive team Chen Hongying, a second-level investigator of the Asian Division, and Lin Liya, a fourth-level chief of the Secretariat of the Overseas Chinese Overseas Commission.
Zhang Jinxiong pointed out that Xiamen is the forefront of China's reform and opening up and is one of the earliest four special economic zones in China. It has maintained a leading position in the economic development of China's southeast coast. It also has inextricable contacts and close economic and trade cooperation with Indonesia. Every year, Xiamen ’s 918 Investment Fair, shuttle flights between Fujian and Indonesia every day witness the close and friendly cooperation and exchanges between the two countries. At the same time, I am also very glad to see that in this new round of China's development, Xiamen, as China's latest batch of free trade zones, will certainly have more room for development. In the new era, Xiamen will certainly achieve more great achievements in the economic and trade cooperation of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.
Zhang Jinxiong emphasized that he was very glad that Director Liu was able to lead a delegation. Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association will, as always, use its platform advantages to actively promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges, and make contributions to the benefit of both peoples.
Liu Shaoqing said that for a long time, overseas Chinese in Indonesia not only actively participated in the construction of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone, but also worked hard to bridge the Xiamen-Indonesia exchanges and exchanges, promoted the friendship between China and Indonesia, and promoted all-round exchanges between Xiamen and Indonesia.
She said that during the 2017 meeting of the BRICS leaders in Xiamen, President Xi Jinping praised Xiamen as "a city of high-value ecological garden" and "a city of high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship." The support and help of the overseas Chinese and overseas friends, including you. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to friends from all walks of life who have supported Xiamen for a long time.
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