Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association and Sichuan Provincial People's Government Delegation Luncheon
March 27, 2023
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association and Sichuan Provincial People's Government Delegation Luncheon
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association and Sichuan Provincial People
(Jakarta News) Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Chairman Zhang Jinxiong and supervisors, including Chen Bonian, Lian Jiehao, Chen Xin, Wang Zhenkun, Zhou Weiliang, Chen Hongping, Xue Jingyong, Lin Zuoheng, Zhang Heran, Xu Jinxiang, Xue Tianzeng, Shang Shangxuan, etc., on March 26 ( Sunday ) at 12:00 noon at the Pearl Restaurant of the JW Marriott Hotel in South Jakarta with Yang Xingping, Vice Governor of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Xu Yixin, Director of the Department of Commerce, Chen Kai, Director of the Market Supervision Administration, and Hu Ge, Second Inspector of the Foreign Affairs Commission Office, Zhang Wei, the secretarial staff of the general office, and the accompanying staff held a luncheon.
Zhang Jinxiong said that as the country that initiated the concept of the "Belt and Road" and the most important partner country along the "Belt and Road", Indonesia and China have had close trade and cultural exchanges since ancient times. Today, in the "post-epidemic" era, development Cooperation with China is still the consensus of all of us, and the most important task at hand.
He said that yesterday we were honored to be invited to witness the exchanges between Sichuan enterprises and Indonesian enterprises. Everyone has deep concerns and expectations for deepening and expanding cooperation with Indonesia. Here today, on behalf of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, I would like to extend a sincere invitation to Vice Governor Yang and all entrepreneurs and friends in Sichuan Province. Welcome everyone to come to Indonesia to investigate and invest, settle down and build factories, and jointly incubate and cultivate more internationalization. , more internationally competitive brands and enterprises.
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association will continue to do a good job in service work, provide necessary legal and regulatory consultation, and related assistance for Sichuan enterprises to invest in Indonesia, do business, settle down and build factories, etc., and work together in this era of continuous development and innovation. Build a better future! Finally, I wish you all the best for your trip to Indonesia.
Vice Governor Yang Xingping pointed out that first of all, he would like to express his gratitude to the leaders of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association for their warm reception of the Sichuan Provincial Delegation, including the help and support provided by Chinese-funded enterprises in investing and setting up factories in Indonesia over the years. Indonesian entrepreneurs here are also welcome to take the time to visit China, including Sichuan Province, for sightseeing, investment and business development. We will provide assistance within our ability.
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