Hebei to Establish Good Communication and Cooperation Delegation from Hebei Overseas Chinese Federation Visits Indonesian Chinese Entrepeneur Association
Hebei to Establish Good Communication and Cooperation Delegation from Hebei Overseas Chinese Federation Visits Indonesian Chinese Entrepeneur Association
Fri, 27 December 2019 09:44
(Jakarta News) Sun Jinkang, Vice Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Hebei Province, Hu Yuying, Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Qinhuangdao City, Han Xiaobing, Director of the Comprehensive Planning and Foreign Cooperation Office of Hebei Province Municipality, Cui Yuqing, Researcher of the Ministry of Economics and Technology of Hebei Overseas Chinese Federation, and Vice Chairman of Qinhuangdao Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce Liu Hong, who visited Indonesian Chinese Entrepeneur Association at 5 pm on December 19 (Thursday), received the Vice President Xue Tianzeng, Secretary General Zhou Weiliang, Weng Hualing, Lin Songshi, Yang Zhenqing, Xu Qunhao, and Qiu Yifeng, Chief Operating Officer of Sin Chew Daily A warm welcome.
Xue Tianzeng pointed out that Indonesia and China have had close economic and trade cooperation since ancient times. As one of the most important partner countries along the “Belt and Road”, in recent years, we have also seen cooperation and development between the two countries. China has been Indonesia's largest international trading partner for several years. In 2018, more than 2 million business travelers and tourists from China. China and Indonesia are in close cooperation in economic and trade cooperation and social and cultural exchanges.
After 40 years of reform and opening up, China has mastered world-class technology in infrastructure construction and other fields, and has accumulated rich experience and rich capital. We believe that there is still a very broad space for cooperation between Indonesia and China. We are seeing more and more Chinese companies going abroad and rushing out of Asia. Some come to Indonesia to invest in business, participate in economic construction and social development, and bring more convenient "Chinese model" to Indonesia, providing more opportunities for the Indonesian people. More and richer options. Among them are not only China's large state-owned enterprises, but also many private enterprises with strong financial strength, as well as cooperative projects and enterprises involving people's livelihood, culture, and technology.
He said, "Today, Vice Chairman Sun Jinkang led a delegation to visit Jakarta. We are very happy and sincerely hope to establish and maintain good communication and cooperation with Hebei Province. Indonesian Chinese Entrepeneur Association will play a good role in the economic and trade cooperation and business between Indonesia and China. The bridge of exchanges, for everyone to visit Indonesia, invest in, and provide the necessary services. Finally, I wish the delegation a successful trip. "
Sun Jinkang said, "In addition to visiting Chinese communities and visiting folks in Indonesia this time, I also want to learn more about the living conditions of local Chinese and overseas Chinese, establish mutual benefits and win-win results, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Indonesian Chinese Entrepeneur Association in the economic and trade field. Promote the development of Hebei and Indonesia in various industries. "
He said, "In order to allow more young Indonesian Chinese to better understand the development of Chinese culture, they are invited to participate in summer or winter camps in Hebei Province. In addition to learning Chinese culture, they also learn about the development between their home country and their host country. Situation. Finally, I invite everyone to take the time to take a walk in Hebei Province for a sightseeing tour. "
27 Dec 2019
27 Dec 2019
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