A Delegation from The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce Visited Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association
March 30, 2023
A Delegation from The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce Visited Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association
A Delegation from The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce Visited Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association
(Jakarta News) Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Chairman Zhang Jinxiong, Supervisory Committee Member Wang Zhenkun, Vice President Lian Jiehao, Chen Xin, Secretary General Zhou Weiliang, Lin Songshi, Shang Shangxuan, Ji Guozhang, Jiang Wenliang, Yang Zhenqing, Chen Yongzhi, Yang Xinsheng, James Taroreh, Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of Bank of China Jakarta Branch, Yang Lin, General Manager of Shanxi Construction Overseas Department, and Cheng Gengfei, Overseas Financial Director, Yao Dan, etc., welcomed at the club at 3:00 pm on March 29 (Wednesday), led by Zhao Weidong, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce The five-member delegation included Zhang Huayu, director of the foreign trade operation department, Zhuang Jianrong, director of the foreign economic cooperation department, Tan Chenghai, director of the Beijing Center of the World Trade Network Alliance, and Zeng Zhifu, general manager of Beijing Foton Motor Indonesia Sales Company.
Zhang Jinxiong said, first of all, on behalf of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, I would like to extend my sincere welcome and greetings to all of you. As a founding member of ASEAN and the only G20 country in ASEAN, Indonesia's economic and social development has maintained a relatively stable and rapid growth rate in recent years. When the global economy is in a development dilemma, the Indonesian government, especially since President Jokowi came to power, has promoted and continuously improved the plan to build Indonesia into a "maritime fulcrum power" and the implementation of a number of large-scale infrastructure construction projects. It really lays a solid foundation for the development of the Indonesian economy! After experiencing a difficult epidemic, in 2022, Indonesia's GDP growth rate will reach 5.31%, reaching the fastest growth rate in the past ten years. At the same time, it has won the affirmation and attention of global investment due to its good economic recovery, investment policies, and positive measures taken by the government to stimulate economic development.
In 2022, Indonesia will receive a total of 1,207.2 trillion domestic and foreign investments, an increase of 34% over the previous year. It is particularly worth mentioning that with a total investment of US$8.2 billion, China has become Indonesia's second largest source of foreign investment. The economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between Indonesia and China have been very close since ancient times. Today, business cooperation and business exchanges between the two countries are becoming increasingly close.
Today, Director Zhao personally visited. We believe that he is also very optimistic about the Indonesian market. We welcome the Beijing Municipal Government and entrepreneurs from Beijing to come to Indonesia more often to have a look around, investigate the market, and consider investing in Indonesia to build factories and expand overseas markets. Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association will also actively do a good job in the service of the chamber of commerce, and provide necessary consultation and related assistance for Chinese enterprises to come to Indonesia.
We sincerely hope that more companies from Beijing will settle in Indonesia. Whether it is technology, the Internet, or business, we all hope that our future cooperation will be open and mutually beneficial. Finally, I wish you all the best for your trip to Indonesia!
Deputy Director Zhao Weidong pointed out that this visit to Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association is the first time to communicate with you after the epidemic, and he also conveyed the director of the Beijing Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to thank the Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association for the anti-epidemic masks during the new crown epidemic, and briefly introduced Beijing since 2017 From 2022 to 2022, I hope to further strengthen the cooperation between Beijing and Indonesia in import and export trade, agriculture, investment and other projects in Indonesia. I welcome you to take time to visit Beijing, Invest and start a business, we will provide help within our capacity. And hope to establish a cooperation platform between Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association through this visit.
Zeng Zhifu, general manager of Beijing Foton Motor Indonesia Sales Company, hoped to find a partner through this visit to Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association to bring various styles of Foton cars to Indonesia. After the exchange, the two sides exchanged souvenirs and took photos together.
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