Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Received The Eastern Hope Economic and Trade Delegation
April 04, 2023
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Received The Eastern Hope Economic and Trade Delegation
Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Received The Eastern Hope Economic and Trade Delegation
(Jakarta News) Zhang Jinxiong, Chairman of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, Lian Jiehao, Vice Chairman, and Zhou Weiliang, Secretary General, received a delegation led by Meng Changjun, President of Oriental Hope Investment, at the clubhouse at 4:00 pm on April 1 (Saturday) A 5-member economic and trade delegation, including Lei Haijian, general manager of Indonesia Alumina, Zhao Guogang, general manager of investment, Dong Juncai, general manager of mining, and Su Shimin, director of strategic investment, etc.
Zhang Jinxiong said that on behalf of all the directors and supervisors of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, he would like to extend the most sincere welcome to the Eastern Hope Economic and Trade Delegation to visit the Association. He hopes that through this exchange, the two sides will further strengthen cooperation in the fields of mining, electric power, and chemical industry. We also welcome more Chinese companies to visit Indonesia and look for new business opportunities for cooperation. Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association will continue to act as a bridge for cooperation between the two sides. We also welcome everyone to invest in Indonesia. We are willing to provide necessary information and laws Regulatory consulting and related services, and wish you a fruitful trip to Indonesia.
Meng Changjun said that East Hope Group was founded in 1982 by Mr. Liu Yongxing, a famous private entrepreneur in China. It is the first batch of private enterprises that grew along with China's reform and opening up. After 40 years of development, East Hope Group has developed into an integrated heavy chemical industry (mining, power generation, aluminum industry, silicon industry, cement, chemical industry, etc., more than 10 industries), agriculture (feed, breeding, etc.), and commercial real estate. Super large multinational private enterprise group.
East Hope Group is headquartered in Pudong, Shanghai. It is one of the first 44 companies selected as the headquarters of private enterprises in Shanghai. Its more than 300 subsidiaries are located in 28 provinces, autonomous regions, and Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and other countries. The total number of employees exceeds 30,000. In 2021, the operating income will be 184.52 billion yuan, ranking 39th in the "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2022" and 24th in the "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Private Enterprises in 2022". At present, East Hope Group is one of the world's top ten electrolytic aluminum and alumina producers, and also one of the world's leading photovoltaic manufacturers with leading scale and technology.
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